Worsnop wishes Asking Alexandria well for future

Former Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop has wished his former colleagues well with his replacement Denis Stoff.

The former Make Me Famous vocalist, full name Denis Shaforostov, was revealed last week, along with his debut I Won’t Give In.

Worsnop, who quit earlier this year to concentrate on We Are Harlot, tweeted the track and said: “New Asking Alexandria song, first since my departure, out now – very happy to hear shit’s still going strong.”

His comment comes after AA guitarist Ben Bruce admitted they were happier without Worsnop, adding: “It needed to happen for… I want to say a few months, but it’s probably more like a few years. Danny just stopped caring about Asking Alexandria.”

But he said of the phone conversation that confirmed the split: “It wasn’t a nasty, angry call – it was more of an, ‘Alright, see you later, dude.’”

Asking Alexandria had planned two UK shows to introduce Stoff to fans, but they were forced to cancel over visa issues. We Are Harlot will perform at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods next month.