Asking Alexandria happier without Worsnop


Asking Alexandria are happier after splitting with singer Danny Worsnop, says guitarist Ben Bruce.

And he believes the lineup change should have happened much sooner than January this year, when Worsnop confirmed his departure to concentrate on We Are Harlot.

The band have recruited ex Make Me Famous man Denis Shaforostov as his replacement and revealed their first track with his vocals. They were set to perform their first two shows with him this weekend, but were forced to cancel over visa issues.

Bruce tells Kerrang: “I know for certain we’re a lot happier now Danny is not part of the group. We don’t have to worry about someone being in a bad mood all the time, or not turning up to stage on time.

“It was like, ‘If you don’t want to be here, just don’t be here.’ We’re relieved now – we can concentrate on a band that we do still love and care about.”

He adds: “It needed to happen for… I want to say a few months, but it’s probably more like a few years. Danny just stopped caring about Asking Alexandria.

“He didn’t like screaming, he didn’t like heavy music, he didn’t like the fans – he didn’t like anything.”

But he adds of the phone conversation that changed their direction: “It wasn’t a nasty, angry call. I’m not sure I felt anything. It was more of an, “All right, see you later, dude.’”

We Are Harlot will perform at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods next month.