Arcade Messiah issue debut via 'pay what you want'


Arcade Messiah have made their debut album available as a 'pay what you want' download.

The self-titled record can be streamed and downloaded via Arcade Messiah’s Bandcamp page.

KingBathmat singer John Bassett is the man behind Arcade Messiah – described as a metal/stoner/prog instrumental project.

Bassett says: “After writing and producing numerous KingBathmat albums and more recently the acoustic solo album Unearth, I decided I wanted to create my first instrumental album, and I wanted it to be set, audibly and visually in a dark, bleak apocalyptic aura of despair and anger.

“I wanted to focus on enormous riffs and sorrowful yet powerful musical refrains and place them within a terrain of unusual time signatures interspersed by moments of psychedelic calm.”


  1. Sun Exile 2. Your Best Line Of Defence Is Obscurity 3. Traumascope 4. Aftermath 5. Everybody Eating Everyone Else 6. The Most Popular Form Of Escape 7. Roman Resolution