Araya hails Slayer Mayhem stage show


Tom Araya says Slayer spent more money on production for the Mayhem tour than they ever have before.

The frontman reckons fans were treated to the best stage show in the band’s history during the recent Rockstar-sponsored jaunt across North America.

He says: “The production has been bigger than we’ve ever done on any Slayer tour. The last few times that we’ve done the Mayhem tour we invested, but we invested quite a bit on this one.”

And the singer/bass player has a special message for the fans, saying he owes them everything – and promises them metal will never die.

He adds: “I love them, I love them to death. They’re the sole reason why we’re here. I owe a lot to Slayer fans. Metal is never gonna die, I wanna make that clear. There’s some shit flying around. I’m telling you, metal has been around forever and it’s gonna stick around forever. Don’t let people tell you any different.”

Slayer’s Kerry King had a spat with Mayhem organisers after boss Kevin Lyman blamed “old, fat and bald” metal acts for ruining the genre’s reputation. Co-creator John Reese insisted earlier this month that the touring festival had now come to an end as a result of the war of words.

Slayer release 11th album Repentless on September 11.