Apocalyptica preview Shadowmaker

Apocalyptica have issued Cold Blood as a preview to their upcoming eighth studio album, Shadowmaker.

The song follows the title track as the second tune released from the project, produced by Nick Raskulinecz – who has worked with Foo Fighters, Deftones and Mastodon – and due in April via Eleven Seven Music.

Shadowmaker features former Scars On Broadway guitarist Franky Perez on vocals, and there’s talk that the singer could become a permanent member of the group following the upcoming tour to promote the record – a trek that will see them open for Sixx AM’s spring shows in North America.

Cellist Eicca Toppinen says the band wanted to challenge themselves following a year-long break.

Toppinen tells The Rockpit: “It’s always hard to talk about albums without being a nerdy musician. I think it’s a totally new kind of record for Apocalyptica, especially because we have one singer on the whole album, and I think it’s making the whole album more solid. It’s more of a band record compared to the album that we have had guest vocalists, so I think it’s more solid.

“We had a break when we stopped touring for 7th Symphony, we had one year off, we didn’t write a single song for a record, nothing except for Wagner Reloaded, but for the regular stuff, nothing. And after the break, we came together and if we wanted to do something, we have to do exactly what we want to do and this record is the result of that, that journey.”

He adds: “We wanted to challenge ourselves even more and we wanted to be tight as a band before the pre-production and the thing that Franky was part of the pre-production, we spent weeks with him in the rehearsal room arranging the songs and getting things more defined before we went into the studio. I think this album is full of attitude, it’s a real attitude record.”


  1. I-III-V- Seed Of Chaos 2. Cold Blood 3. Shadowmaker 4. Slowburn 5. Reign Of Fear (bonus track) 6. Hole in My Soul 7. House Of Chains 8. Riot Lights 9. Come Back Down (bonus track) 10. Sea Song (You Waded Out) 11. Till Death Do Us Part 12. Dead Man’s Eyes