Phillips' 5-disc anthology details revealed

Anthony Phillips has revealed the full tracklist for his five-disc anthology Harvest Of The Heart – including 10 previously unreleased songs.

It’s set for release via Cherry Red on October 27, but those who pre-order ahead of the launch will have their copies signed by the Genesis co-founder.

Harvest Of The Heart is described as “a comprehensive selection of recordings made between 1969 and the present day.” The label add that the six-hour set offers “a definitive overview of Ant’s career as a recording artist.”

Phillips recently confirmed his latest record deal will involve the release of new music, saying: “Their enthusiasm has been both warm and infectious, encouraging me to take the plunge with a new song-based album soon.”


Disc One

  1. F Sharp

  2. Silver Song (1973 single version)

  3. Field Of Eternity

  4. Wind-Tales

  5. Which Way The Wind Blows

  6. Henry: Portraits From Tudor Times

  7. God If I Saw Her Now

  8. Old Wives Tale

  9. Scottish Suite - I. Salmon Leap

  10. Scottish Suite - II. Parting Thistle

  11. Scottish Suite – III. Electric Reaper

  12. Scottish Suite – IV. Amorphous, Cadaverous and Nebulous

  13. Scottish Suite – V. Salmon’s Last Sleepwalk

  14. We’re All As We Lie

  15. Now What (Are They Doing To My Little Friends)?

  16. Paperchase

Disc Two

  1. Wise After The Event

  2. Um & Aargh

  3. Sisters Of Remindum

  4. Bleak House

  5. Nightmare

  6. Lucy Will (original mix)

  7. Compression - Mike Rutherford

  8. Poly Piece

  9. Arboretum Suite: IV. Lights On The Hill

  10. Frosted Windows (Variation I)

  11. Prelude ‘84

  12. Anthem 1984

  13. The Women Were Watching

Disc Three

  1. Falling For Love

  2. The Ballad Of Penlee

  3. Exocet

  4. Sistine

  5. April

  6. She’ll Be Waiting

  7. Let Us Now Make Love

  8. Promenade

  9. Suite: Sea Dogs Motoring: III – Sea-Dogs Air

  10. Tears on a Rainy Day

  11. Exile

  12. Carnival

  13. Elevenses

  14. Tarka – Movement I: The First Year

  15. Tarka – Postlude: The Anthem

  16. Lucy: An Illusion

Disc Four

  1. Stranger

  2. Slow Dance (‘Harvest Of The Heart’ edited version)

  3. Unheard Cry

  4. Aubade

  5. Sarah Blakeley’s Evening

  6. Creation

  7. La Dolorosa

  8. Cathedral Woods

  9. Serenita

  10. Lifeboat Suite

  11. Last Goodbyes (from The Living Room Concert)

  12. Collections (from The Living Room Concert)

  13. Sleepfall (from The Living Room Concert)

  14. Gypsy Suite – Movement I: First Light

  15. Gypsy Suite – Movement III: Evening Circle

  16. Creatures Of The Magic Water – Opening Theme

  17. Island Of Stone

Disc Five

  1. Midway: Island of Life Opening Theme

  2. Onza – Eater Of Souls

  3. Jurassic Shark – Opening Theme

  4. Flight To The Death

  5. From The Jaws of Death – Touching The Face Of God

  6. Ray’s Song

  7. I Wish This Would Never End

  8. Majestic Whales

  9. Wildlife Flotilla

  10. White Spider

  11. Kissing Gate

  12. Nocturne

  13. King Of The Mountains

  14. Circle of Light

  15. Golden Leaves Of Fall

  16. Courtesan

  17. Speak Of Remarkable Things

  18. River Of Life

  19. City Of Light – previously unreleased

  20. Nightjar – previously unreleased

  21. Slow Roller – previously unreleased

  22. Imperium – previously unreleased

  23. A Simple Truth – previously unreleased

  24. Vespertine – previously unreleased

  25. Forget-Me-Not – previously unreleased

  26. The Storm Of Windhover – previously unreleased

  27. Pas De Deux – previously unreleased

  28. Ringer – previously unreleased

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