Anselmo named Musical Artist Of The Year

Former Pantera and current Down vocalist Phil Anselmo will receive the Musical Artist Of The Year Award at the 10th annual President’s Arts Awards in his hometown of Covington, Louisiana on January 31.

The awards recognize individuals in several categories – including performing, visual, literary, music and culinary – in the St. Tammany Parish of New Orleans.

Anselmo says he is thrilled to be honoured by his hometown.

He tells “To be recognized within the community I’m a part of is perhaps one of the greatest accolades ever.”

“I want to thank all who recognized me and Housecore Records as this year’s best constituent, and I hope our local music scene grows more and more, and I hope I can help facilitate a place for the cream of the crop to thrive.”

The singer has lived in the Parish for the past 15 years.

“I love it for many reasons; I have 17 acres of beautiful land, many animals and fantastic neighbors that put up with the racket and noise that comes out of my studio,” he jokes.

“I take pride in this little community, and support its growth with all my heart. People are friendly, restaurants are plentiful and fantastic, and downtown Covington is quaint and wonderful.”

Anselmo recently saluted the jazz and funk influence on New Orleans metal bands in the seven-part series, []( Life, Death & Heavy Blues From The Bayou.

He’ll be busy in 2015, splitting time between at least four projects: a third EP by Down to follow 2014’s Down IV Part 2; a second solo release on the heels of his 2013 debut with The Illegals, Walk Through Exits Only; performing a one-off show with the recently-reformed Superjoint Ritual at France’s Hellfest in June; and, completing Mouth For War: Pantera And Beyond, a book about his years with Pantera.