Amy Winehouse's Back To Black gets a progressive metal makeover

Methodica 2021 group shot against a wall
(Image credit: Press)

Italian progressive metallers Methodica have given fans a surprise with their cover of Amy Winehouse's Back To Black. The band have released their rendition of the hit single on the 10th anniversary of the British vocalist's death and it's accompanied by a claustrophobic video depicting the band as marionettes.

"This is our modest tribute to Amy; our expression of love for her and her art," says Methodica's singer Max Piubelli. "We chose Back To Black because we have always loved Amy Winehouse's art, she was one of the most talented artists ever seen. Her music is magnetic, happy and sad at the same time, you listen to these songs and you can feel Amy's heart: she was very truthful, her lyrics were her feelings put to music.

"The hardest thing was to make a cover that had to be respectful of the original and reflecting our musical style at the same time. We hope we did it well."

The five-piece are currently composing their fourth album, which is tipped for release in 2022. The as yet untitled release follows on from 2020's Clockworks. The band also hope to head out on the road soon.

Check out the video below.