Alt metal is Spotify users’ favourite genre

Spotify have released a list of the top 25 heavy music genres, with alt metal in the number 1 position.

The streaming service say bands including Disturbed, Korn, Papa Roach and Nonpoint are among the most-listened acts in metal.

They’ve split the genre into 91 different specialities, with nu metal, hard rock, groove metal and rap metal proving to be most popular.

That includes namechecks for bands including Drowning Pool, DevilDriver, Linkin Park – and Ted Nugent.

Spotify’s list includes crossover entries, with Korn, Disturbed and Papa Roach among bands that appear in more than two lists. The service said in June that metal fans remained most loyal to their favourite bands out of all music fans.

Spotify’s top acts in each genre

01. Alt metal – Disturbed, Korn, Papa Roach, Nonpoint 02. Nu metal – Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Papa Roach, Mudvayne 03. Hard rock – Van Halen, Twisted Sister, Whitesnake, Ted Nugent 04. Groove metal – DevilDriver, Lamb Of God, Trivium, Machine Head 05. Rap metal – Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Korn, Disturbed 06. Funk metal – Incubus, Korn, Rage Against The Machine, Living Colour 07. Metal – Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Motorhead, Megadeth 08. Metalcore – Parkway Drive, Atreyu, All That Remains, Killswitch Engage 09. Speed metal – King Diamond, Megadeth, Kreator, Nevermore 10. Melodic metalcore – Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, Trivium 11. Industrial metal – Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Fear Factory 12. Prog metal – Queensryche, Symphony X, Kamelot, Nevermore 13. Power metal – Avantasia, Sabaton, Edguy, Dream Evil 14. Death metal – Death, Carcass, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse 15. Thrash metal – Slayer, Exodus, Kreator, Metal Church 16. Glam metal – Poison, Warrant, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot 17. Melodic death metal – Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, In Flames 18. Neo-classical metal – Symphony X, Kamelot, Angra, Stratovarius 19. Symphonic metal – Delain, Edenbridge, Epica, Leaves’ Eyes 20. Deathcore – Whitechapel, Carnifex, After The Burial, Suicide Silence 21. Gothic metal – Sirenia, Lacuna Coil, Tristania, Within Temptation 22. German metal – Mystic Prophecy, Angel Dust, Powerwolf, Edguy 23. Gothic symphonic metal – Delain, Sirenia, Leaves’ Eyes, Xandria 24. Stoner rock – Orange Goblin, Fu Manchu, High On Fire, Spiritual Beggars 25. Folk metal – Eluveitie, Turisas, Ensiferum, Equilibrium

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