Agnostic Front set launch date for ‘mean’ 11th album


Agnostic Front have confirmed the release date for 11th album The American Dream Died – and they say it’s an attempt to exercise free speech while they still can.

Frontman Roger Miret reported last year that their first release with guitarist Craig Silverman would be “mean, fast and furious.”

Confirming its launch on April 4 via Nuclear Blast, Miret says: “We want to open up people’s eyes to what’s going on. Not everyone realises that the people who run this country are corrupt, greedy and ruthless. We’re losing our values.

“We address real issues from full-blown scandals to police brutality. We still somewhat have our freedom of speech – we’re expressing through this record while we can.”

The American Dream Died will be available in CD, vinyl and digital formats.


  1. Intro

  2. The American Died

  3. Police Violence

  4. Only In America

  5. Test Of Time

  6. We Walk The Line

  7. Never Walk Alone

  8. Enough Is Enough

  9. I Can’t Relate

  10. Old New York

  11. Social Justice

  12. Reasonable Doubt

  13. No War Fuck You

  14. Attack!

  15. A Wise Man

  16. Just Like Yesterday