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AC/DC share Demon Fire video, tell Classic Rock that they have ‘plenty of ideas’ for a follow-up to Power Up

AC/DC Demon Fire
(Image credit: Columbia Records)

AC/DC have shared a video for Demon Fire, arguably the fastest, pedal-to-the-metal track on their wildly successful comeback album, Power Up. Following on from Shot In The Dark and Realize, it’s the third single to be taken from the album, which reached number one on 21 international charts, including those in the UK, US and Australia.

Meanwhile, speaking to writer Paul Elliott in an exclusive interview in the new issue of Classic Rock magazine, band leader and lead guitarist Angus Young suggested that Power Up, the veteran group’s seventeenth studio album, might not be their swan-song.

‘Who knows?’ said Young. ‘But I can tell you, there’s still plenty of ideas and stuff. As soon as I’m finished with an album, I start looking for the next song.”

The new issue of Classic Rock also features The Struts,  UFO, Metallica and Keith Richards, plus the ultimate guide to the year in rock. It is on sale on December10.

Classic Rock 283

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In a recent interview on Swiss radio station, Angus Young was asked which AC/DC album he would put on to impress someone who has never heard of the band. 

Let There Be Rock,” he replied. “Let There Be Rock, for me, is the album. And the reason why I like Let There Be Rock is because my brother, George, who was producing it, when he said to us at the beginning... ‘What sort of album do you wanna do this time?' Malcolm just looked at me, and he said, 'We just want an album that's just gonna be pure hard rock guitar.' 

"And I thought it was great, because everyone else in the world was into whole other genres — there was punk music, there was new wave… — and I just thought, 'This is pure magic.' And that album defined AC/DC in my eyes. That's when I went, ‘This is a great band’.”