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...aAnd? release new video for Bear Hugs

(Image credit: Tim Churchill)

...aAnd? are premiering their new video for Bear Hugs exclusively with Metal Hammer.

The track is taken from the band's upcoming EP ...wWoof?, available to pre-order via Bandcamp (opens in new tab)

"Bear Hugs is merely a question; asking why we think that we deserve a better world without creating it ourselves," says ...aAnd? vocalist/guitarist Dan Evans about the song. "The number of rational, liberal people in this world considerably outnumber the closed-minded and there is sense in everyone. For some reason we have chosen the people with ideals to run most of the administration, which then leaves us unhappy with roughly 50% of the decision making. It would be easy to remove the ideals and focus on solving individual problems but we don’t. 

"Why is it called Bear Hugs? It is conceptually a call for better existence for all species and the importance of the embrace of diversity within our own communities. Bears are cool, too."

...wWoof? is out July 13 and available to pre-order via ...aAnd?'s Bandcamp (opens in new tab).

wWoof album cover