Watch a mindwarping new video from Norway's Black Hole Generator

Black Hole Generator promo pic 2016, by Jarle Hovda Moe
(Image credit: Jarle Hovda Moe)

Having unleashed all manner of restless and wild-eyed visions under the guise of Vulture Industries, Bergen’s bard of the perverse, Bjørnar Nilsen has clearly taken a look at the all-round nightmare shitshow that’s been 2016 before deciding the time is right to relaunch his bleak and blackened outfit, Black Hole Generator.

With only one former release, 2006’s Black Karma EP, to their name, the band have returned like a gristly, grandiose and slightly trippy harbinger of doom. With a full album of scabrous and dystopian drama, A Requiem For Terra, released in November via Dark Essence Records, they’re about to warp your sense of wellbeing even further with the premier of a new, mindboggling video for the track Moloch.

Created by artist and animator extraordinaire Costin Chioreanu, whose previous work with the aforementioned Vulture Industries, alongside Paradise Lost, Mayhem, the Enslaved/Wardruna collaboration Skuggsjá and many more has set numerous retinas in revolt, Moloch comes across like a drug-induced vision of a world yet to come.

Populated by priests and refugees made of meat, skies set ablaze, all manner of oppressive machines and equations, charts and diagrams suggesting this collapse of reality is all part of some grand and inevitable design, the five-and-half-minute journey through the shifting dimensions of Hell would send Dante back to the drawing board.

Draw the curtains, draw a circle of protection and step across psychic event horizon that is Moloch below!

Check out Black Hole Generator’s page here!

And order A Requiem For Terra here!

Jonathan Selzer

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