Top Ten Tolkien Tunes

While foraging around the internet we found out that today (22nd September) is Hobbit Day and this week is in fact Tolkien Week. In celebration we've picked out ten of our favourite tracks inspired by the man behind Middle-Earth.

Rush – Rivendell

From the 1975 album Fly By Night the title refers to the home of the Elves, which was impregnable even to Sauron. Neil Peart is known to be a Tolkien enthusiast.

Amon Amarth – Once Sent From The Golden Hall

The Swedish band’s 1998 debut album has references to Tolkien, and their name was taken from the Mount Doom when Sauron forged The One Ring.

Led Zeppelin – Ramble On

This is from 1969’s Led Zeppelin II. It is heavily influenced by The Lord Of The Rings, referring to Gollum and Mordor. And the opening line paraphrases the Tolkien poem Namarie. Other Zeppelin songs are also inspired by Tolkien, these include The Battle Of Evermore, Misty Mountain Hop and Stairway To Heaven.

Megadeth – This Day We Fight!

From the 2009 album Endgame, the title of the song is a direct quote from Aragorn’s speech, just prior to the final battle at the conclusion of Return Of The King.

Black Sabbath – The Wizard

From the band’s eponymous 1970 debut album, this was inspired by Gandalf. Geezer Butler says he was reading The Lord Of The Rings at the time he wrote the lyrics.

Blind Guardian – Nightfall In Middle-Earth

The band’s 1998 album is a conceptual piece inspired by the Silmarillion. There are also other songs from the German power metallers which owe their origins to Tolkien. Such as Lord Of The Rings, The Bard’s Song (In The Forest) and The Bard’s Song (The Hobbit).

Orange Goblin – Saruman’s Wish

This comes from their 1997 debut album Frequencies From Planet Ten. This is about the character of Saruman from The Lord Of The Rings. The album also has Lothlorien, based on the forest of elves which is significant in the same book.

Sabaton – Shadows

From the band’s 2007 album Metalizer, this is about the Nazgul, who are first mentioned in Lord Of The Rings and are part of Middle Earth folklore.

Nightwish – Elvenpath

This is on their 1997 debut album Angels Fall First, and it has a sample from Lord Of The Rings. Wishmaster, from the same album, also references Tolkien.

Summoning – Lugburz

The 1995 debut album from the Danish metalheads not only deals lyrically with Tolkien subjects, but the title even comes from The Lord Of The Rings. It’s the tower of Barad-dur.

BONUS: Leonard Nimoy – The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins

Finally, a little light relief. This 1968 song is so bad, it stinks. There again, it’s so abysmal it’s very funny.

Malcolm Dome

Malcolm Dome had an illustrious and celebrated career which stretched back to working for Record Mirror magazine in the late 70s and Metal Fury in the early 80s before joining Kerrang! at its launch in 1981. His first book, Encyclopedia Metallica, published in 1981, may have been the inspiration for the name of a certain band formed that same year. Dome is also credited with inventing the term "thrash metal" while writing about the Anthrax song Metal Thrashing Mad in 1984. With the launch of Classic Rock magazine in 1998 he became involved with that title, sister magazine Metal Hammer, and was a contributor to Prog magazine since its inception in 2009. He died in 2021