Titanfall 2 rumours abound in the run up to E3

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Titanfall 2 Features Leaked (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive in the run-up to the huge E3 games expo, which takes place in LA in June. A supposed leak has given some new details on the upcoming sequel to the blockbuster mech battler Titanfall.

According to a Reddit post, picked up by games site Polygon, Titanfall 2 players will have a grappling hook tool at their disposal, to aid their free-running and to get into their Titans more quickly.

The original post has been deleted but to add a bit of legitimacy to the rumours, the user also posted a piece of artwork that they claim will feature on the Titanfall website after the game’s big unveiling at E3 on June the 12th.

All of this is unconfirmed at the minute but what we do know is that Titanfall 2 is destined for release in the last calendar quarter of this year, along with the newly announced Battlefield 1. It is believed the sequel will include a single-player campaign, something missing from the original. The game should hit all of the current games systems with PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC versions expected.