This bluegrass cover of Megadeth's Symphony Of Destruction is the craziest thing you'll see all day

(Image credit: DD and the Butterlovers)

The internet continues to provide, day after day. If it's not a brutal AF death metal version of Greta Thunberg's UN speech, it's Slipknot played on tiny drums. I mean, there really are some absolute geniuses out there, fighting the good fight via YouTube, and today is no different...

Canadian country musician Dan Davidson (yeah we hadn't heard of him either, but then we like metal so...) has a pretty active YouTube channel full of fun things. However, the best part of it are his bluegrass covers. 

His outfit of musicians, equipped with fiddle, banjo, double bass and more, dubbed DD and the Butterlovers have covered a couple of pop tracks on the channel, but understandably they hadn't hit our radar until now, with a fiddle-heavy rendition of Megadeth's Symphony of Destruction.

We had no idea Dave Mustaine and co worked SO well when re-worked hillbilly-style, but here we are – a gift we didn't know we needed.

Watch it below: