Slipknot's Psychosocial played with tiny drums in a fridge is the most insane thing you'll see today

(Image credit: Miniature Drums/YouTube)

Last week the genius Miniature Drums youtube channel uploaded a video of System of a Down's Toxicity being played on tiny drums atop of a toilet. 

It turns out this dude loves to set up his mini drums in all sorts of places; like on the couch beside a "giant" furry canine friend, on the coffee table, the dinner table... but undeniably, his preferred place appears to be on his lavatory. 

He's covered Nirvana, Foo Fighters and many others in the little boys room... 

However, this week – somewhat unhygienically – our un-named percussionist has set up those same itty bitty drums inside of a refrigerator and banged out Slipknot's Psychosocial on 'em – please, Lord, tell us he washed them first.

His fridge also appears to be poorly stocked, in fact there is nothing in it other than a few alcoholic beverages – so if you like his rendition of the 2008 Slipknot track, perhaps show your gratitude by support him on Patreon or sending him a loaf of bread or a pack of cheese (unless he's vegan).

Check him bashing out the Iowan juggernauts on his super micro handmade custom drumset inside a fridge below: