The Tidal Sleep stream new album Be Water in full

The Tidal Sleep

Returning with their third full-length, Germany’s The Tidal Sleep are streaming new album Be Water in full exclusively with Metal Hammer. Adding spades of real depth and devotion to their brand of post-hardcore, taking pointers from the heavier end of post-metal and screamo, it’s an emotive and invigorating journey. Fans of everyone from Touché Amore to Amenra will be able to dive deep into this record and lose themselves in the expansive, glistening guitars and powerful, throat-wrenching vocals. Check it out.

To expand on the aural odyssey streaming above, The Tidal Sleep bassist Thomas Brechter has given us a track-by-track breakdown.


“Our guitarist Marc wrote this song with the intention of having a fast album opener. I think that worked rather well. It’s a play on themes we used before, but a lot of additional input.”


“I wrote this song as my interpretation of a short, noise-rock pop song.”


“I’m really glad about how this song turned out – from the heavy, brooding riffs, to the mellow uplifting end part. I think we managed to incorporate everything this band is capable of.”


“Guitarist Matthias wrote this song. It was difficult for our singer Nicolas to work with the rather atypical structure. We’re lucky to have Candido from Viva Belgrado on this song. I thing the outstanding work of both vocalists makes this song great!”


“This is just modern, heavy pop song!”


“The song transforms from a bass-driven riff song into this airy, floating theme. The line ‘Just a nice thought to hold your heart and sink it in’ still gives me goosebumps.”


“Even though it sounds like an organ or a sampler, everything ‘weird’ on this song is just guitars.”


“We finally we managed to write a slow, but really heavy song ha ha!”


“For the first time, we have an acoustic guitar on one of our songs. I’m glad we didn’t make it sound like it would on an unplugged album – we just used it for added texture.”


“A song that draws in inspiration from old-school screamo bands like Majority Rule or Pg. 99. Of course when we play it, it sounds nothing like those bands! Our drummer Armin also managed to include double drum tracks.”


“A very slow, atypical post-rock pop song. We are so happy how the combination of female and male vocals turned out. I specifically wrote this song as the album closer, and could not be more happy with it.”

Be Water is on sale May 29, via Holy Roar Records, and is available to order now.

The Tidal Sleep are touring with Svalbard across the UK at the following dates:

22 October: The Flapper, Birmingham | Buy tickets
23 October: The Exchanged, Bristol | Buy tickets
24 October: Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow | Buy tickets
25 October: The Whiskey Jar, Manchester | Buy tickets
26 October: Temple Of Boom, Leeds | Buy tickets
27 October: Green Door Store, Brighton | Buy tickets
28 October: Birthdays, London | Buy tickets

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