The most Satanic bands in the world, ever!

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Do you harbour some violent tendencies? Why not be productive and channel them through the harmless medium of music and listen to some of the most evil music that has ever existed.

In order to compile our definitive list of the most Satanic sounds, we enlisted the Norwegian black metal supergroup, Djevel (translates as Devil in English).

Following the release of their latest album Ormer Til Armer, Maane Til Hode, which as songwriter Ciekals explains "reflects the inner darkness, the human side which unavoidably remains evil, and in a greater perspective meaning the darkness as in a total eclipse" – with the album's title itself being a description of this.

So who better than Ciekals to pick the most dreadful and diabolical dirges to blast on your stereo...


Formed in 1989 by IT (Tony Särkkä) who also founded the True Satanist Horde in Sweden, this black metal and dark ambient project is currently run by Marduk's Evil.

IT was a prolific musician within Stokholm's black metal scene and worked with Marduk and Dissection. 

Abruptum were rumoured to have captured their spine-chilling demonic vocals by torturing and cutting each other during recordings and Mayhem's Euronymous reportedly described the band as "The Audial Essence Of Pure Black Evil".

Ciekals says: "Ahhhh just listen to it, its the sound of possession"


Finnish black metallers Beherit (literally translated as "Satan" from Syriac) were one of the earliest second-wave black metal acts, and they quickly attracted a cult following in the early 90s. 

While the scene in Norway was more widely recognised, many of the first second wave BM bands had emerged from Finland. This reportedly caused a "Dark War" between the two countries' underground movements, with Mika Luttinen of Finnish band Impaled Nasarene believing he'd received death threats in Norwegian.

Ciekals says: "Drawing down the moooooooon, does not become more occult than this"

The Caretaker

Long-running electronic project by British musician James Leyland Kirby, The Caretaker uses on eerie atmospherics to create haunting, melancholic sounds full of a sense of foreboding. Initially, Kirby took his inspiration for the project from the haunted ballroom scene in the iconic 1980 Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining.

Ciekals says: "Psychotic whiskey music of the dead"


The now defunct Norwegian black metallers Zyklon-B featured Samoth and Ihsahn of Emperor, Frost of Satyricon and Aldrahn of Dødheimsgard. Despite only recording one EP their songs were featured on split releases with Mayhem and Swordmaster. 

Ciekals says: "Soundtrack to the end of all"


The late and most infamous Mayhem frontman, Per Yngve "Dead" Ohlin, was Morbid's mastermind before leaving Sweden to join Mayhem in Norway. 

Ciekals says: "Deliciously evil and sexy"


The brainchild of Jon Nödtveidt, Swedish extremists Dissection were very involved in the Satanist group the Misanthropic Luciferian Order, now known as Temple of the Black Light.  

The order's Magister Templi Frater Nemidial, co-wrote the lyrics of Dissections 2006 album Reinkaos.

MLO was involved in some truly evil criminal activities, including the 1997 murder of Josef Ben Maddour, by Dissection's Jon Nödtveidt and his accomplice, Vlad, which was described by the police to be a homophobic hate crime. 

Nödtveidt was also associated with the Werewolf Legion, a Swedish gang and was found dead in 2006 in his apartment inside of a circle of lit candles with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound and a Satanic grimoire beside him.

Ciekals says: "A band to die for, and when you do, you don't go to heaven"

Eivind Løberg

What's more terrifying than a Norwegian child star from the 1970s singing pop music? Apparently not much...

Ciekals says: "This takes you straight to the deepest woods and over the highest mountains where you will die die die my darling"

Impaled Nazarene

The aforementioned Finns were one of the earliest Finnish black metal bands, but have evolved to incorporate grindcore elements and progress towards hardcore punk in their current incarnation. 

Their lyrics focus on Finnish nationalism, anti-communism, war and of course, Satan. The band has maintained a tradition of having a "goat song" on every single album – one song with goat in the title – which founding member Mika Luttinen considers the band's trademark.

Ciekals says: "Satan does not care about you, neither does these fine gentlemen"


Glenn Danzig, the ultimate horror punk rocker and founder of the bands Misfits, Samhain and the eponymous Danzig – the band that gave him an outlet for his more metallic tendancies, channeling the spirit of Black Sabbath.

Ciekals says: "Sometimes the Devil is just sleazy and needs to get laid just like an old nun"

Djevel's new album Ormer Til Armer, Maane Til Hode is out now on physical and digital formats via Aftermath Music.

Djevel – Ormer Til Armer, Maane Til Hode

Djevel – Ormer Til Armer, Maane Til Hode

The latest album from black metal supergroup, Djevel, available now via Aftermath Music