The Best New Metal Album Releases This Week

A press shot of In Flames taken in 2016

In Flames - Battles

“After a tumultuous two years, during which they parted ways with both Epic and long-term drummer Daniel Svensson, the band are back on Nuclear Blast, the label responsible for those early, genre-defining releases like The Jester Race and Whoracle. Those hoping that this homecoming extends to the band’s musical output, though, will be disappointed.” Read the full review here.

Radkey - Delicious Rock Noise

“It’s been just over a year since Radkey released their excellent debut, Dark Black Makeup, but to celebrate their move to Another Century Records it’s already getting a re-release. Renamed Delicious Rock Noise, it contains all its predecessor’s highlights; the fearsome Glore, Parade’s grungey anthemia and the dirty stomp of Love Spills, with two new bonus tracks.” Read the full review here.

Annisokay - Devil May Care

“German metal is best known for Rammstein’s pyro perversions, but Annisokay are hoping to change that. Taking influences from across the spectrum of heavy music, Devil May Care is an apt description of the band’s attitude towards songwriting.” Read the full review here.

Arkona – Vozrozhdenie

“Released in 2004, Vozrozhdenie was the debut album of Moscow’s Arkona (not to be confused with the Polish black metal act). The timing of the original album’s release coincided nicely with the folk metal explosion and the band have continued to expand their audience ever since.” Read the full review here.

Trees Of Eternity - Hour Of The Nightingale

“The music itself is heavy, beautiful and gripping, and the opening track My Requiem sends shivers down one’s spine. But what really does it is Aleah’s voice. Powerful and emotional, yet soft and humble, it helps to further paint Trees Of Eternity’s beautiful canvas.” Read the full review here.

Superjoint - Caught Up In The Gears Of Application

“It’s hard to conceive a figure who has contributed more to the evolution of Southern metal than Philip Anselmo, whose throat-shredding roar and scorched earth lyricism have breathed vitriolic potency into the legacies of Pantera, Down and his own Philip H Anselmo And The Illegals. Though collaborators change, every Anselmo-influenced project of the past two decades has carried the deadening force of a steel pipe hitting the back of your skull and his bare-knuckled hardcore project, Superjoint, are no exception.” Read the full review here.

Animals As Leaders - The Madness Of Many

“Given their arduous instrumental approach to progressive metal, Animals As Leaders have become an unlikely success. Granted, the virtuosity and sounds conjured by eight-string wizards darlings Tobin Abasi and Javier Reyes atop drummer Matt Garstka’s rhythmic acrobatics are jaw-dropping to behold, but there’s never been much for non-chin-stroking musos to get their teeth into.” Read the full review here.

Ravencult - Force Of Profanation

“With a freshly inked deal with Metal Blade, Hellenic horde Ravencult – seasoned veterans who mastered their craft playing with Greek forefathers Varathron and Thou Art Lord – are slowly drifting away from their blackened thrash roots towards a more straightforward and harsher sounding thrash metal assault.” Read the full review here.

The Best And Worst New Metal Album Releases This Week

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