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Trees Of Eternity album review – Hour Of The Nightingale

A sublime testament to South Africa’s late chanteuse Aleah. Read our album review here...

Trees Of Eternity album cover

The fruit of a musical partnership between Aleah Starbridge and Juha Raivio, Hour Of The Nightingale is more than just an album. Released three months after the tragic death of song legend Aleah, it’s also a celebration to her and the collaboration.

The music itself is heavy, beautiful and gripping, and the opening track My Requiem sends shivers down one’s spine. But what really does it is Aleah’s voice. Powerful and emotional, yet soft and humble, it helps to further paint Trees Of Eternity’s beautiful canvas.

The production is spacious and Nick Holmes’ appearance on the last track Gallows Bird is a sombre treat. The songs may not vary that much in sound or essence, nor is it full of innovation, but it fulfils its purpose of being the perfect testament to Aleah in its gripping honesty and sincerity.