Sons of Anarchy meets The Last of Us in PS4 exclusive Days Gone

Days Gone

Bend Studios, the team behind the Playstation classic series Syphon Filter have announced a brand new title in development on the PS4 called Days Gone.

Days Gone follows the story of a former bike gang leader turned bounty-hunter in a post-apocalyptic North America ravaged by some kind of plague that turned most people into monsters not unlike the fast-moving zombies of 28 Days Later.

The feel of the game is very much like The Last Of Us but with bikers. It looks like there might be a bit more to it as the live demo during Sony’s E3 press conferece this week showed hunting down a character he seemed to know before being attacked by a horde of ravening undead.

What was particularly impressive about it all was the sheer number of enemies on the screen chasing the main character and the environmental tools that the player could use to slow the chasing horde down like closing shutters and gates and letting logs and debris loose to fall on enemies alongside the typical exploding barrels. Speed and number of enemies and the way they swarm seems to be the closest yet to the panic enducing numbers of hungry undead that make the best movies so terrifying.

There’s no release date yet for Days Gone but PS4 gamers can probably expect to wait at least until late on in 2017 or early in 2018 to get their hands on it.