Premiere: Ruts DC and Henry Rollins team up on Music Must Destroy video

The Ruts DC premiere their video Music Must Destroy, featuring Henry Rollins
Ruffy, Henry Rollins and Segs

Ruts DC have teamed up with Henry Rollins for the title track of their forthcoming album, Music Must Destroy.

On July 16, 2007, Ruts DC played for the first time in 27 years to benefit their late guitarist Paul Fox, who had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Rollins, already a massive Ruts fan, filled the late Malcolm Owens’ shoes at the now legendary London Islington Academy show.

Earlier this year, the band released their single Psychic Attack while they worked on new full-length album. The single Music Must Destroy is out today and features their one-time guest vocalist. Ruts DC are very much back.

“This is a song about having a choice – reclaiming the often misunderstood ‘punk’ word destroy and taking it to mean breaking down what is wrong with this society,” says Ruts DC bassist Segs. “The chorus came in a dream and the verse just came out in front of the microphone when we recorded it. I guess we can only hope that it’s message will have a positive effect on those that listen. To me, it seems divine. It’s sublime and it’s of this time.”

“It is a great honour to not only be a part of the new Ruts DC album but also in the video for Music Must Destroy, growling away with my worthy constituent, Mr. Segs!” adds Rollins.

Check out the video below.

Ruts DC’s new album Music Must Destroy will be available on September 16 through Westworld/Sosumi Recordings. You can get it on CD, vinyl or from iTunes.

The band will play a special album release show in London at Camden’s Underworld that night.