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Norway's stoner doom crew Brutus reveal their trippy new lyric video

Proving that Norway can produce authentically warm-toned, 70s-style stoner doom as well as it can spawn sulphur-huffing black metal bands, Oslo-based Brutus are gearing up for another, sensual assault on our senses with a trippy lyric video for a new track, Drowning, taken from an album due to be released by Svart Records when, y’know, they get around to it.

If you love Pentagram, Blue Cheer, underground comics from the Robert Crumb era, the combination of orange and brown that only the 70s could bring and the cornucopia of floating eyeballs that only the finest drugs can imprint on your brain, then you’re going to be in seventh heaven. Prepare yourselves for a journey through space, time and general intoxicated enlightenment and melt your grey matter to Drowning below!

Achieve Satori, or something like that, at Brutus’s Facebook page here!

Jonathan Selzer

Jonathan is the overseer of all the album and live reviews in Metal Hammer. Thinks songs that aren’t about Satan, swords or witches are a bit silly.