Here's Motörhead's Ace Of Spades as you've never heard it before

Motörhead's Lemmy, Philthy and Fast Eddie's 1980 classic is given the orchestra treatment
Mot\u00f6rhead. Orchestra not pictured. (Image credit: Fin Costello\/Redferns)

Once you’ve read the words Motörhead and Ace Of Spades, we can guarantee that your brain will start playing the song for you. You don’t need Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, your mate’s vinyl or, if you’re old, a cassette. Once heard, never forgotten.

Our favourite YouTuber Wilton Turdley has managed to make the title track of Motörhead’s 1980 album sound completely different by giving it a complete orchestral overhaul. Some people in the office have remarked that it now resembles the soundtrack to Disney’s broom romp Fantasia, while more sensible folk say it’s the music you’d find on an expansive RPG video game.

We know what you’re thinking. Who’s this guy and why is he tinkering with a stone cold rock classic? How dare a man who sounds like a posh poo from a Hampshire village do this to us?

Well, the Sceptic Train has pulled in at the station and the conductor is telling you get off. It works, just like his bossa nova tribute to Rammstein. Believe us. It even moved a YouTuber called Spankrod to deliver this sermon in Turdley’s comments section: “When I first heard this, I contacted my lawyer. I rewrote my will to have this played at my funeral so everybody who knew me could revel in its magnificence.”

If that’s not a cast iron guarantee of brilliance, we don’t know what is. So, dig out your tuxedo, pour yourself a Lemmy and treat yourself to three minutes of sheer class.

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