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Last week's most-read stories on TeamRock

Here are the 10 leading news stories and features from the last week on

Chicago Open Air have announced Rammstein as the first headliner of what is going to be a mammoth weekend of music, beer and gourmet food. Sounds like a perfect weekend to us.

Chicago Open Air announces first headliner

Meet Bruce Chickinson, vocalist for the Los Angeles-based tribute band The Iron Maidens since 2009. Alright, so she’s called Kirsten Rosenberg, but play along. This is her story.

What's it like to be the female Bruce Dickinson?

1996 was a year where no sub-genre was truly in charge, but where all kinds of brilliant heavy music was being made. Here are 25 albums from those heady 12 months.

25 albums that are 20 years old this year

As it was Ash Wednesday last week, it made perfect sense to remind you all about Ash’s 10 best songs to lift you from those post-pancake blues. Ash. Ash Wednesday. Anyone?

The 10 best Ash songs, picked by Tim Wheeler

Joanne Shaw Taylor has released a live video of her performing Jump That Train in Glasgow, Scotland. Watch it by clicking on the story below.

Joanne Shaw Taylor in Jump That Train live clip

Black Sabbath touring musician Adam Wakeman picks his 10 highlights from what will be the Birmingham metal legends’ last-ever tour.

The 10 best Black Sabbath songs from their final tour, by Adam Wakeman

Slipknot’s masks have evolved a lot over their 16-year career. Here’s every single one of them for your ocular pleasure.

The Definitive History Of Every Slipknot Mask

Why did Lemmy throw a drink over Max Cavalera? Find out below

Thinking Out Loud: Max Cavalera

Bass players across all genres worship the late Jaco Pastorius as a god. Here are 10 reasons why.

10 examples of the supernatural genius of Jaco Pastorius

Who better to dish out romantic advice than the Lycra-clad Lothario, Steel Panther vocalist Michael Starr? Alright, perhaps it was a bad idea…

Steel Panther's Ultimate Valentine's Day Playlist