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Here's a man playing Enter Sandman with dildos for drumsticks

Playing Enter Sandman with dildos

Well this is just a bit silly, isn’t it? There’s no real reason for this video to exist other than This Is The Internet And This Is What Happens. Of course there’s a video of a man playing drums with two flopping latex todgers, to be honest we’re offended that you even asked. This is the world wide web we’re talking about here, where all your nightmares come true.

Why are you even reading this? Just press play on the video below and watch a man play one of the most famous metal songs of all time with two of those things you accidentally found in your mum’s bottom drawer. Go on, watch it, you sordid sod. Watch those pinkish wangers flail about as you ponder the possibility of ever hearing the Black Album again without picturing a pair of veiny members tubthumping along.

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