Have a heavy metal Christmas with these awesomely dark festive decorations

(Image credit: getty/Etsy/Twin Temple/Middle of Beyond)

Unlike Halloween, the Christmas holiday isn't particularly metal-friendly. With metal generally championing self-expression, Christianity and other Abrahamic religions are fringe beliefs within the metal community. That's not to say there aren't plenty of Christian metalheads, but they are second to Athiests, Agnostics, Satanists and pagans. 

Whether or not you subscribe to the mainstream religious traditions and beliefs surrounding Christmas, the Winter solstice is an ancient, spiritual time of year where we can all join together and celebrate friendship and have a little fun. 

But what about the aesthetic? Frost and snow might conjure up images of black metal bands populating the icy hilltops of Norway, but generally the images related the Christmas and the decorations you find in regular stores can leave us metallers a little cold. 

Angels? Stockings? Tinsel? Robins? Mince Pies? Candy Canes? Baby Jesus? Fairy Lights? Bing Crosby? Cliff Richard? Brussel Sprouts? Happy little elves doned in green suits? Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.... So. not. metal. 

However, Christmas CAN be metal. To help you get in the Hexmas/Gothmas/Yule time spirit we are have compiled all the best decorations from those of you keen to embrace your pagan roots to a Black Christmas baphomets and Iron Maiden's Eddie in a Santa hat...

Satanic Stocking

(Image credit: Blackcraft Cult)

Stockings, unless they are fishnet and torn perhaps, aren't very metal at all. But, thanks to Blackcraft Cult, we can now stay metal AF while hanging up our Satanic stockings ready for Satan, sorry Santa, to fill with more ghoulist delights come Christmas mourning... I mean morning... with this Limited Edition Satan's Helper Stocking. 

Get it at Blackcraft Cult.

Krampus Tree Topper

(Image credit: Middle of Beyond)

Saint Nick's side-kick, Krampus, punishes those naughty children who don't deserve presents. This half-goat, half-demon creature looks A LOT like depictions of Satan himself. If that's not metal, we don't know what is. 

Grab it from Middle of Beyond.

Twin Temple Witch Bauble

(Image credit: Twin Temple)

Everyone's favourite Satanic Doo-Wop duo Twin Temple have released this very special Limited Edition Black-X-Mass Ornament reading "I Am A Witch!". 

We couldn't say it better than they have on their website: "Reclaim your Pagan tree and proudly display your love of Satan herself with this self-empowering ornament! Makes the perfect sinful stocking stuffer for the devil-worshipper or witch in your life"

We'll take ten! Get it here.

Krampus Baubles

(Image credit: Killstar)

Warning: There are a lot of Krampus-related bits in this list. These traditional style baubles have a gothic edge, boasting four black and silver Krampus designs. Plus, they came in a pack of 12! Bargain. Get them at Killstar

Krampus Garland

(Image credit: Bedlam Supply Co/Etsy)

The German Christmas devil was a regular feature in the early-1900s, in fact, this garland has been created with vintage postcards (reprints, of course). So deck your halls with some festive fear and get one of these Krampus postcard banners from BadlemSupplyCo on Etsy.

Iron Maiden Santa Eddie Glass Tree Ornament

(Image credit: Middle of Beyond)

Eddie is one of the most iconic band mascots in the world, and he bloody loves dressing up. What more could any Iron Maiden fan want this Christmas but a high quality glass bauble in the shape of Eddie the head, complete in his festive Santa suit? 

Get it from Middle of Beyond – they also have a pretty epic Maiden Christmas sweater and a cosy Krampus cardigan... we can't stop browsing!

Ghostly Season's Screamings artwork

(Image credit: Caitlin McCarthy)

Feel festive while maintaining that spooky aesthetic with the art of Caitlin McCarthy. This Californian artist has a whole load of incredible ghostly art prints based around Charles Dicken's and the Victorian tradition of telling Christmas ghost stories. 

From Krampus and the Ghost of Christmas Past to a pagan Yuletide pentacle and a creepy zombie Santa – grab a print for your wall or have her designs printed on Christmas cards to give to your pals. Get it them on Caitlin's Etsy store.

Skull Baubles

(Image credit: BettyAndTheLovecats/Etsy)

Forget round baubles. What's metal about those? How about some 3D skulls? In gold, red and black – proper goth colours, plus Christmassy too! Win.

Grab this set of three skull baubles over at BettyAndTheLovecats Etsy shop.

Mari Lwyd Print

(Image credit: Mary Syring)

It's likely you've never heard of the Mari Lwyd, and we won't blame you (although this Welsh online editor is *slightly* disappointed in you...). This bizarre horse skull, dubbed Mari Lwyd is part of a folk custom originating from South Wales.

Performed around Christmas time, a group of singing men escort another person (who is hidden underneath a sack cloth) carrying a great big horse's skull mounted on a pole and decorated with ribbons from door to door around the local town.

Literally, the name Mari Lwyd translates as Grey Mary but the actual etymology has been widely disputed and is fairly irrelevant because it's pretty fucking weird and 100% metal.

Artist Mary Syring has created a beautiful Mari Lwyd illustration, available to buy as a print or as the original, on her Etsy

If that's not your style, how about PrintIsDeadShop's graphic print here? They are both stylish enough to keep up all year round. 

But, of course, you could always find an ethically sourced horse skull and decorate it yourself... 

Fenriz Christmas Tree Ornament

(Image credit: smzartworks/Etsy)

We saved the best 'til last. Who doesn't want black metal genius, Darkthrone's very own Fenriz, on their Christmas tree?! Give your tree some serious street cred with this epic tree decoration from smzartworks on Etsy