Eleven Things We Learned in the Latest Issue of Metal Hammer

Rob Halford and Tony Iommi

In our blockbuster latest issue, we united two legends on one cover for the very first time, as Judas Priest’s Rob Halford and Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi joined forces to talk the past, the present and the future of heavy metal. That’s not all that happened this month, though. Here are ten more reasons you need to get your mitts on the latest issue of Metal Hammer while you still can.

Halford and Iommi want to collaborate one day

“We’ve talked about it for ages,” insists Tony. The Dark Lord and the Metal God writing together? Imagine the possibilities. You’ll just have to pick the issue up to find out more about what the two icons had to say about eachother, though…

We almost had a classic Sepultura reunion

“I was trying for it,” says Max Cavalera in our exclusive interview. “I thought it’d be very cool. I actually talked to Andreas on the phone about it.” Why didn’t it happen? And what’s the real story behind the dissolution of one of metal’s greatest ever lineups? You can read all about it from Max, Iggor, Andreas and Paulo themselves in the latest issue.

Legend Of The Seagullmen are the weirdest supergroup of 2018

Mastodon members jamming with Tool heavyweights while writing about, um, fish? It happened, and the resulting album is a cracker. In our latest issue, we have a special interview with the men behind Legend Of The Seagullmen to find out how this madness came together. You don’t want to miss it.

Lovebites could be Japan’s next big breakout band

Why has the Japanese metal scene been taken over by a new generation of all-female bands? Could Lovebites’ power metal heroics see them become the next major players to emerge from the Land Of The Rising Sun? And how did they get together in the first place? Pick up the issue to find out for yourself.

Andrew W.K. isn’t the man you think he is

We travelled to Chicago to talk to Andrew about his ace, fun-as-hell new album, but the man we found waiting was far from the carefree Party Prince we’d been expecting. Trust us: this is an interview you won’t have read with him ever before.

Between The Buried And Me have some fucked-up ideas

The story behind their bold and expansive new album, Automata, is as inspiring as it is straight-up terrifying. Pick up the latest issue to find out the inspiration between their tech-powered dystopian nightmare.

Pirate metal isn’t going anywhere

When Alestorm first washed up on our shores ten years ago, few could have imagined their pirate metal tomfoolery would have lasted very long. And yes, a decade on, they’re filling some of the UK’s biggest club venues and headlining their own festivals. We ask: how did this happen?!

Conjurer have made the debut of 2018

It’s dark. It’s heavy. It is, in their own words, “The horrible shit that keeps you up at night.” Conjurer have emerged as the UK’s most exciting new band, and we dug into the influences that shaped their crushing sound.

Metal bands in Afghanistan have it hard

Defying religious oppressing. Risking their very lives to make the music they love. District Unknown are an inspiration to metalheads around the world, and as a new documentary previewing their struggle shows, doing what we love is something none of us should take for granted.

Turnstille are yet another exciting band twisting hardcore into new shapes

When we heard new album Time & Space, we had to ask what in the blue hell they’d all been smoking to produce such a wildly diverse piece of art. Read all about their story right here.

Primordial have had enough of your shit

From railing against black metal’s strange progressions to raising a middle finger to the poison that is social media, Alan Averill is fed up, and he isn’t being quiet about it. Find out how that – and some unique turmoil in the Primordial ranks – all fed into the underground veterans’ ace latest opus.

All that plus Dave Mustaine’s personal tribute to Slayer, plus new interviews with Myles Kennedy, Vile Creature, Kaoteon, Anna Von Hausswolff, Orange Goblin, Asking Alexandria and many, many more. Only in our latest issue.

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Tony Iommi and Rob Halford unite for the first time in the new Metal Hammer

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