Are Nintendo delaying their new console to add VR?

virtual boy

New reports are indicating that Nintendo is delaying full production of their new console, the NX, to add virtual reality capabilities to the machine.

Now, there are lots of rumours circulating around what the NX’s capabilities will be. It is believed that it will combine the facilities of a home console and a portable giving players the ability to play connected to their TV at home or on the move. The controller is rumoured to include a screen either five or seven inches in size.

Then there were the recent images claiming to be from an internal Nintendo presentation that claimed that Nintendo were preparing support for NX users to be able to employ their smartphones as controllers.

Now sources close to hardware manufacturer Foxconn (as reported by gaming site Nintendo Life), the company that manufactures a load of electronic devices including the iPhone for Apple, that Nintendo has delayed the manufacturing date into next year to build in VR support for the NX.

It’s not the first time Nintendo has flirted with VR technology. During the nineties they came up with the Virtual Boy console that used early forms of the VR technology. Sadly it wasn’t the best effort as it caused most users to experience nausea dooming the console to history as a glorious failure.