Animal Noise premiere dreamy new single Fly

a press shot of animal noise

Colchester-based indie trio Animal Noise have premiered their new single Fly exclusively with TeamRock.

The track, which takes the band in a psychedelic new direction, blends dreamy indie with pop-inflected hooks and just a little bit of Britrock swagger and is, the band say, “an epic psych-dream adventure” born from “swirling, bouncing energy [and] feelings of urgency and ambition”.

We chat with frontman Josh Sandifer to find out more about the track, below.

What’s the story behind Fly, and how did it come about?

“Coming up with the main riff together, it instantly sounded bold and full of scope, like it made me want to get up and go somewhere – a kind of itchy feet feeling. I wanted the vocals to catch that essence, plus it reminded me of the many dreams I’ve had where I’m flying, and so the music really made me want to convey that sense of freedom and adventurousness into the lyrics somehow.”

How was working with Mark Rankin?

“It felt pretty special talking to Mark about the song and hearing his ideas for production, especially since we’ve been influenced so much by the other artists he’s worked with, namely Queens Of The Stone Age, Iggy pop and Friendly Fires. It was a crazy feeling listening over to his mix, it really felt like it had his stamp on it.”

What’s your favourite story or memory from recording the single?

“There was no distinctive occurrences as such during the recording but we did take a lot more different approaches to the recording process than normal, we wanted to get some really deep tones from the guitar and we pretty much made up random tunings to see what worked best.”

You have an album coming out next year. Can you tell us more about it?

“We’re itching to release this album, we’ve been progressing so much with our new material since we took on Matt, our new bass player/vocalist. We’ve gone in a bit more of a psych direction with the songs and they’re more unsafe at times. It’s going to be a special body of music. We can’t wait to get it out there and give the people who’ve been following for years and those that are new to Animal Noise something to really get into.”

What do you hope people will take from the single, and your music in general?

“We’ve never written music with any particular scene or style to aim for in mind, we’ve always just hoped that people listening will take from it whatever they want, and maybe get the same thrill off the music that we get from writing it. As long as we’re enjoying what we come up with, if other people enjoy and connect with it on some level too, that’s the most important thing.”

What do you have lined up for next?

“We’ll be finishing 2017 with a UK tour for the single, then more touring once the album is released in late Spring 2018. We’re already taking bookings for next summer, so expect a whole bunch of festival dates to be announced in the new year.”

Animal Noise’s new single Fly will be released on 10th November via Liquid Records. For more info, head over to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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