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Trivium's What The Dead Men Say: a multi-layered merging of melody and mania

Trivium provide fury and finesse in one package on ninth album What The Dead Men Say

Trivium - What The Dead Men Say
(Image: © Roadrunner)

Trivium were always a cut above the metal norm. They’ve consistently shown the ability to merge melody and mania, and they’ve never done it better than on What The Dead Men Say

Their ninth studio album is a classy mix of Megadeth and Stone Sour, combining the complex harmonics of the former with the intensity and tunefulness of the latter. You can hear this best on Catastrophist, Bleed Into Me and The Defiant

All are multi-layered, offering moments of both beautiful intimacy and blazing rage. For most bands, attempting this juxtaposition would be disastrous, but here it sounds sublime, seamless.

Much of this is due to the way Matt Heafy can vary his vocals from sensitive to ferocious, plus the way he and Corey Beaulieu entwine their guitar parts, so reminiscent of prime Helloween. Trivium have reached a new level of excellence.