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Ohhms: Exist album review

Sludge-laden Brits Ohhms spell doom for the meat industry with Exist

Ohhms Exist cover

It takes a brave band to attempt a concept album based on animal rights and veganism. Exist explores the meat trade, animal testing and humanity’s apathy towards it all. 

Opening track Subjects is a 22-minute odyssey through the psyche of an animal born into captivity. 

Bolstered by sludgy stoner riffs, it explores various moods and movements, evolving through a cavernous void into something monstrous, as vocalist Paul Waller embodies different animals at the climax. 

For a band in their infancy, Ohhms are unafraid to experiment with their initially doom-laden sound, breeding mesmeric, tumbling riffs with frantic punk and post-metal to create a hybrid of heaviness – one that’s free to roam and find new sounds to feed on.

For Fans Of: Pallbearer, Boss Keloid, Mastodon