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Ohhms stream new album Exist in full

(Image credit: Jake Owens)

Ohhms are premiering their new album Exist exclusively with Metal Hammer.

It's the follow-up to 2017's The Fool, and is heavily inspired by animal rights and the negatives of animal testing.

"It’s been an incredibly creative year for us. After the release of The Fool last year the band was so productive I could hardly keep up with them and I felt like I was falling behind lyrically," vocalist Pall Waller tells Metal Hammer.

"Then I discovered that just down the road from me, what I initially thought was an army base, was in fact a heavily fortified animal research breeding centre. They send their ‘product’ to universities and medical facilities around the UK and Europe; it's standard practice for this massive corporation, so I found out. 

"So I did some more research on the company and saw that they had been in the courts recently due to the cruelty they were inflicting on the animals they were breeding, and then all of a sudden I had my muse, the spark that lit the fuse that got me writing.

"Over the period of a week I had reams of paper full of lyrics and ideas. A few weeks later we had a complete album done, plus as a bonus, it was the best stuff we had written so far. A completely focused 40 minutes of music; full of confusion, desperation, anger and rage, where each song deals with different aspects of animal conservation and animal rights. 

"I’ve never been this proud about anything I have done before. My flag is now nailed to the mast."

Ohhms' new album Exist is out November 9 via Holy Roar Records.

Ohhms tour dates 2018

10 Nov: Manchester, Satan's Hollow
11 Nov: London, Boston Music Room

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