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Eternal Dream: The Fall Of Salanthine

Fantasy fest from Spanish symphonic power-metallers.

So this is what happens when you chuck Italian metallers Rhapsody Of Fire, the Discworld novels and Monty Python’s minstrels in the blender! These youthful Spaniards dive forth with fantasy role-play guitars, neo-prog synths, operatic vocal trills and no thematic subtleties whatsoever.

They pack a lot of battles, heroes, wraiths and the like in here. March Of The Immortals sets the tone even before any actual music’s kicked off: crows caw, medieval warriors bray in their masses and, oh look, there’s the dark lord Sauron! As God Of War gallops in (‘galloping’ being the prevailing rhythm throughout), all tight speedy drumming, melodic superhero guitar and young, Tarja-esque vocals.

You don’t know whether to drink a flagon of mead, crack out some speed-metal or headbutt a Viking. The solos get twiddlier, and Memories of A Lyliac Dawn Act 3 closes a fantasy-prog metal gorgon of a trilogy that hints that these guys are capable of better things.

For now though, it’s largely music for the prog lover/metalhead whose heart is still at Comic-Con. Yet, despite the lack of variety, it’s a robust, first full-length flourish from a young skilled group for whom further songwriting experience should work wonders.

Polly is Features Editor at Classic Rock magazine, where she commissions regular pieces and longer reads (including new band coverage) and writes a few things. She also writes for Louder, Prog and Metal Hammer, and talks about songs on the 20 Minute Club podcast. In her spare time she writes fiction and cooks.