Empty Yard Experiment – Kallisti

Head-drilling progressive wonder


Thank God for the internet. Without it there’s little chance that you’d have heard of Empty Yard Experiment, a band from Dubai playing a uniquely difficult brand of post-prog rock.

Kallisti is a sweeping, epic, multi-faceted piece that takes its listener on a journey that very few other bands are able to. Only the likes of Tool, Opeth, Anathema and Porcupine Tree are able to conjure such soundscapes and narratives within their music on a regular basis.

A song like Entropy crams everything into its six-minute running time, from haunting melodic fragility to complex, rhythmical riffing, to threatening spoken passages. Were they to have come from a traditional western stronghold of rock then EYE would surely have been lauded long ago. Luckily the world is getting smaller as they get bigger.