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Dioramic: Supra

German post-rockers get too much inspiration from their muse

When something crosses your path that is described as containing ‘Muse-like vocal hook lines’ and ‘odd but catchy chord progressions’, you’d probably want to approach it with some trepidation.

That is to say, you’d want to get as far away from it as Matt Bellamy is away from still being culturally relevant. But wait! Fear not ye of the operatic rock-adverse set, for mathy German post-metal quartet Dioramic are far more than a clumsy likening to chart-bothering rock ponces. Unfurling in a galaxy not too far away from that which lies somewhere between The Ocean and Between The Buried And Me – whilst Supra, the foursome’s third full-length, lacks both the vast, emotional swells of The Ocean and the technical insanity of BTBAM, these Germans do possess a cultured ear for a tune and cunning ability to craft accessibly complex grooves, as with the twitching, mangled gallop of Big Pump. The constant, third-rate aping of Mr Bellamy’s vocal range, however, is unbearable.

Via Pelagic