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Chickenfoot: I + III + LV

Classic rock supergroup’s story so far

As Chickenfoot announce that 2013 will see them taking a break, here’s a timely reminder of what the band have released so far. The I + III + LV box set features their two impressive studio albums to date, plus LV, a collection of mostly unreleased live tracks.

There are extras included with both I and III. You get a DVD with the latter (although that’s been available before in III’s limited edition format), and the song Bitten By The Wolf on the former, which was only previously available on the vinyl version. But it’s LV that’ll sell the set because it really showcases why the band have established a reputation for being much more than just a vanity supergroup.

The combination of vocalist Sammy Hagar, guitarist Joe Satriani and bassist Michael Anthony is sometimes magical, mostly augmented on drums by Chad Smith. When you hear the joyous way in which they make everything sound so explosive in the live environment, you appreciate Chickenfoot’s forte is onstage.

The LV CD is also available to buy separately, and unless you’re an avid collector, it might be as well to go for that rather than a box set which offers little that’s new.