Zoltan to release zombie horror EP


Zoltan will release Tombs Of The Blind Dead, an EP inspired by a series of four iconic zombie movies, on Monday.

The London trio have reinvented the scores for Amando De Ossorio’s 1970s films Tombs Of The Blind Dead, Return Of The Blind Dead, The Ghost Galleon and Night Of The Seagulls.

It’s their follow-up to last year’s recreation of the Psychomania soundtrack, which had been preceded by 2012 debut First Stage Zoltan.

The Blind Dead films chart the adventures of resurrected 13th-century Knights Templar, who were put to death for worshipping Satan, but have fought their way back to life in order to perform monstrous acts of cannibalism.

While production values faltered at some points in the series, De Ossrio’s work is revered for contributing some of the most memorable zombie moments to a golden era of cult European film.

Tombs Of The Blind Dead will be released on Monday (September 16) via Rise Above Records, who say: “Each track relates to one of the four movies. Slow-motion doomed imagery comes to life in full analogue glory, making this a must for any dark-minded music lovers and soundtrack collectors out there.”


  1. Tombs Of The Blind Dead

  2. Return Of The Blind Dead

  3. The Ghost Galleon

  4. Night Of The Seagulls ** **