Yoko Ono and metal riffing is the best combination since marmalade on toast and we think the world deserves to hear it

Yoko Ono
(Image credit: Andre Antunes)

Yoko Ono's avant-garde experimental singing technique might not be for everyone, but one internet genius has cracked how to give her unique style more universal appeal. Simply plaster it in hefty metal riffs, and hey presto! You've got yourself a musical feast for the senses. 

This eureka moment was discovered by trusty comedic axe-slinger, Andre Antunes, who seems to spend the bulk of his time writing heavy metal riffs to accompany an eclectic range of vocalists over on his YouTube channel – including the cries of impassioned church pastors, navy march drills and angry middle-aged women known as Karens.

The original video, on which Antunes duets, sees Ono perform at the Museum of Modern Art in 2010. Her performance, titled Voice Piece For Soprano And Wish Tree, features artistic wails of varying pitches and intensities, making for a pretty dramatic listen. For those unfamiliar with Ono's work, you'll probably just hear the sound of a cat being hurled down multiple flights of stairs while zipped in a bag. Either way, her unconventional approach served Antunes with vital material to create his next parody duet, and the results are utterly genius.

As Ono yells fiercely in a staccato rhythm, meaty and distortion-soaked riffs stab in unison. Essentially, that's all it is, but it's hilarious. So go watch it below.


Liz Scarlett

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