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Watch this Christian pastor's speech on Covid-19 get remixed into a catchy AF metal banger

Andrew Antunes riffs along to American pastor
(Image credit: Andre Antunes)

Living through a pandemic is certainly not an ordinary experience, especially when the world around you has stockpiled fortresses of toilet paper. But where there’s uncertainty, sometimes, it’s easier to just go along for the ride (hoarding sanitary items excluded). Take guitar extraordinaire Andre Antunes, who in the midst of the madness back in 2020, turned this bizarre Covid-themed speech by American pastor Kenneth Copeland into a heavy metal remix.

The speech in question, sees Christian pastor Copeland vigorously “executing judgement” on Covid-19, Satan, and demanding a vaccine.

Whilst playing with building blocks with his daughter and watching Copeland on his phone at the start of the video, Antunes listens to the Pastor’s passionately spoken words with a thoughtful facial expression.

Plugging in his guitar, Antunes accompanies the eccentric speech with a medley of staccato, punchy riffs, making one hell of a metal earworm. Seriously, it’s mega catchy, so consider yourself warned.

In Antunes’ other creations, you can catch him riffing along to a “Karen” (a very upset Republican who isn’t happy about the state of American politics), a washing machine and much more brilliant material.

We execute judgement on this video, and it's hilarious. So go watch it.

Elizabeth Scarlett

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