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Yes singer Jon Davison guests on his old band Anyone's new album

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Yes singer Jon Davison guests on his old band Anyone's upcoming album, In Humanity, which will be released through TogethermenT Records on October 12.

Davison formed Anyone alongside Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and Riz Story in the early 90’s in Laguna Beach, California. Hawkins and Davison were replaced by the time the band signed with Roadrunner Records in 2000. Their self-titled debut album received much critical acclaim including a 5-star rating from Rolling Stone.

“This album was conceived as a soundtrack to my feature film (and novel) of the same title and so it is highly conceptual and dynamic," says Story of In Humanity. "The story takes place in the future when mankind has made the earth uninhabitable and venture into the cosmos to find a planet that is even more beautiful than earth, which they immediately begin to destroy. I wanted to explore the outer limits of my creativity and musicianship and pushed myself to play all the instruments, particularly the drums, in a way that was experimental and exploratory. Most all of the playing was improvised, and therefore came from a place free of thought or design. All told, I've been working on this album for almost a decade.”

You can view the new album artwork and tracklisting for In Humanity below.

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(Image credit: TogethermenT Records)

Anyone: In Humanity
1. Elations    
2. The Disappearing Everything   
3. Apocalypse   
4. The Pale Blue Dot
5. Emergence
6. Don’t Swallow Tomorrow
7. Whole World’s on Fire
8. Transfiguration
9. On the ending earth...
10. Misanthropist
11. The Madness
12. In Humanity
13. Curtain Call

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