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Will Trent Reznor still deliver new Nine Inch Nails this year?

Trent Reznor
Wait for it: Trent Reznor (Image credit: Getty)

Trent Reznor has offered a cryptic response to a question about his promise of new Nine Inch Nails music in 2016.

This time last year he tweeted that his band would return this year – but with just over two weeks left, nothing has been heard.

Asked for an update, Reznor says to Rolling Stone: “Those words did come out of my mouth, didn’t they?

“Oh yeah – It’s December, isn’t it? Just wait and see what happens.”

Regardless of its delivery date, he’s not revealing anything about the nature of the new music.

“That will be part of the reveal,” he reports. “I don’t want to spoil it. If I’m interested in a film I prefer not to watch the trailer. We live in overstimulated times.”

Alongside the anticipated Nine Inch Nails release, Reznor has spend the year working with collaborator Atticus Ross on two movie soundtracks, for climate change documentary Before The Flood and the real-life-inspired Patriots Day, based on the 2013 Boston marathon bombing.

“Working on a film can be pretty myopic,” says Reznor. “You fall into a hole and think about nothing but that world while you’re doing it.

“We’ve been globetrotting the end of our species and we’ve been immersed in a pretty brutal terrorist attack.

“Working on these two films and Nine Inch Nails has provided some good checks and balances and makes them all the more interesting.”

In October he reported that he was feeling positive about his workload, adding: “Things are going good and when we have something that we think is excellent, we will unleash it upon the world.”

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