Whibley uploads poignant Crash demo version


Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley has posted a demo version of the band's track Crash on his website.

Whibley made the track available as he recovers from a near fatal experience after years of alcohol abuse. Doctors told the 34-year-old in May that if he has one more drink, he could die.

After a spell in hospital he was released and is taking his recovery a day at a time.

Via his own website, he describes witnessing a fatal road crash that was the inspiration for the track Crash, which appeared on Sum 41’s fifth album Screaming Bloody Murder.

He says: “After everything I’ve been through recently this song holds new meaning for me. it’s not much different than the album but I like this version because I remember exactly how I felt when I was putting it down.

“This recording was made about an hour after I witnessed a horrible car crash where one of the drivers was killed instantly. It all happened right before my eyes. I was the first one there and jumped out of my car immediately trying to help but I could feel the lifelessness in the air, you could just tell he was dead and there was nothing I could do.”

Whibley has also been working on new songs in his home studio, he reveals in his blog.

Hear the demo version of Crash at Whibley’s website.