What is Spotify's Playlist In A Bottle feature and how does it work?

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To kick off the new year, music streaming giant Spotify have unveiled a brand new feature for their platform that is shaping up as one of their most unique ideas ever. Labelled Playlist In A Bottle, it gives users the chance to create a 'playlist time capsule' of sorts, putting together a mix of various songs using prompts from Spotify itself that users can then revisit at a later date - one year from now, to be precise.

We've had a look at how it all works, what you need to do to get involved and any other issues or questions you may have about it all. Read on to find out more....

What is Spotify Playlist In A Bottle?

Playlist In A Bottle is a fun, quick feature designed to give users an opportunity to capture a moment in time using the songs that mean the most to them. Or, as Spotify themselves put it, it's their "latest interactive, in-app experience that captures who you are musically right now and then lets you revisit your 2023 musical self one year later."

How do I do a Playlist In A Bottle?

We're glad you asked! Head to spotify.com/playlistinabottle on your mobile - this will launch your Spotify app and take you straight to the new feature (make sure you have the latest version of the app installed). Simply pick your preferred digital time capsule (we picked a lunchbox), and answer a series of prompts to pick the songs you want included. Once you're done, Spotify will 'seal' it up until next year. Easy! You can also share a "personalised card" based on your Playlist In A Bottle across social media, if you wish.

What kind of questions does Playlist In A Bottle ask?

When we test ran it a few times we got everything from A Song That Will Be This Year's Summer Anthem and The Song You Want To See Live This Year to A Song That Reminds You Of Your Favourite Person and A Song That Sounds Like The Year 3023. Though you only need answer three categories, you can add more if you life and can cycle through different question options until you get ones you like the sound of the most.

How many songs does Playlist In A Bottle use?

Playlist In A Bottle only needs to takes three songs from you to work, but as mentioned above, you can add plenty more if you want, and you have quite a wide range of prompts to choose from in terms of what songs actually end up in there. 

When can I access my Playlist In A Bottle again?

Next year! January 2024 to be precise, when the 'bottles' (or, depending on what digital symbol you choose, pockets, lunch boxes or teddy bears) will be opened again. Will your predictions and hopes for your musical future come to pass? Only time will tell.

Can you use Playlist In A Bottle on desktop?

Currently, no. While you can access the Playlist In A Bottle page on desktop, it'll simply tell you to go to your mobile app, though it does provide a scannable barcode that'll take you right where you need to be to get started.

If you like the look of Playlist In A Bottle and want to give it a go, head to Spotify now. If you're yet to join Spotify and are uncertain if it's the best streaming service for you, don't forget to check out our comprehensive guide to every streaming platform.

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