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Weiland denies heroin rumours after vocal farce

Scott Weiland has once again denied he’s using heroin after a shoddy vocal performance sent the internet rumour mill into overdrive.

The former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman was recently filmed giving a lethargic rendition of STP track Vasoline while on stage with his band Scott Weiland And The Wildabouts in Corpus Christi, USA.

It came soon after he slammed Filter singer Richard Patrick, who said Weiland’s fans were his biggest enablers when it came to drug abuse. And after the footage from the Corpus Christi show surfaced online, fans speculated that Weiland was once again in the grip of addiction.

Weiland tells AXS: “For people that are haters, the internet makes them think that they have a voice, and it makes them think that what they have to say is really important.

“As for the show in Corpus Christi that didn’t go well – that was due to the fact that my inner ear monitors were out completely. I could not hear myself for the entire set. It’s impossible to sound good and be on key if you can’t hear yourself.

“There were people on there saying that I was on heroin again. I haven’t done heroin in 13 years.”

Scott Weiland And The Wildabouts released debut album Blaster in March and he also appears on superegroup Art Of Anarchy’s debut album, although he’s strongly distanced himself from the band.