Weiland brands Art Of Anarchy a ‘scam’

Scott Weiland has branded supergroup Art Of Anarchy “a scam from the beginning.”

And he’s insisted he wasn’t aware of their identities when he took the job of appearing on their album.

He previously distanced himself from the outfit – featuring Guns n’Roses guitarist Bumblefoot and Disturbed bassist John Moyer – arguing that he was never a member.

His latest comments come despite his appearance in their video for ’Til The Dust Is Gone, launched last week.

Weiland tells About.com: “I had them send me the files and I worked in my studio with my engineer. I wrote the lyrics and the melodies and I sent them back.”

The former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman insists: “I didn’t even know what their names were. I was paid to do it. They were an unsigned band and they’re still an unsigned band.”

The press announcement that listed him as a member didn’t surprise him. “I wish I could say I was surprised. It was a scam from the beginning,” he says.

And he says he won’t let the Art Of Anarchy release distract him from Blaster, his first album with latest band the Wildabouts. “They’re going to put it out on the internet. And as fate would have it they don’t have a lead singer. I’m not worried about it taking any thunder.”

Wildabouts guitarist Jeremy Brown died suddenly on the day Blaster was released last month. But Weiland says there was never any question of splitting.

“That’s not what Jeremy would have wanted us to do,” he states. “If a soldier goes down you keep on fighting. It’s a tragedy, what happened – but I’m going to give up my career?”

The Wildabouts are currently auditioning replacements.

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