Watch The Dillinger Escape Plan play first show in seven years

The Dillinger Escape Plan performing live in 2024
(Image credit: Youtube/Weston Grounds)

The Dillinger Escape Plan have played the first show of their reunion tour with original singer Dimitri Minakakis.

The mathcore favourites announced their comeback last year with the intention of playing shows commemorating 1999 debut album Calculating Infinity.

The record was the only one to feature Minakakis before he was replaced by Greg Puciato from 2002 until the band’s deactivation in 2017.

Footage of the first Dillinger show since their split, which took place at the No Values festival in California on June 8, can be seen below.

As well as material from Calculating Infinity, Dillinger played songs from their Minakakis-era EPs The Dillinger Escape Plan (1997) and Under The Running Board (1998), as well as covers of legendary punks Wire and Dead Kennedys.

The covers were performed with vocalists Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendences and Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys respectively.

The concert’s setlist is available below.

Puciato recently responded to Dillinger’s return without him in an interview with Metal Hammer.

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” the now-solo artist said.

“When people ask me that, as if I’m gonna be bummed, I’m like, ‘Why would I be bummed? I’m not on the record.’

“To me, if the band was still a band, and some of those guys, obviously [original members, including rhythm guitarist Brian] Benoit, [drummer Chris] Pennie and Adam [Doll, bass] aren’t [part of the reunion shows], but if, if Dimitri and Ben were like, ‘Hey, we wanna do some Calculating Infinity shows, what am I gonna do? Be like, ‘No!’?

“That doesn’t make any sense. I wasn’t on the record.”

The reactivated Dillinger will next perform at the Brooklyn Paramount in Brooklyn, New York, for three nights on June 21, 22 and 23. See their full list of comeback shows and gets tickets now.

The Dillinger Escape Plan setlist – No Values festival, California: June 8, 2024

Destro’s Secret
Sandbox Magician
The Running Board
The Mullet Burden
California Über Alles
(Dead Kennedys cover, with Jello Biafra)
Sugar Coated Sour
Proceed With Caution
I Love Secret Agents
Abe The Cop
12 X U
(Wire cover, with Mike Muir)
43% Burnt

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