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Watch Spock’s Beard's Ted Leonard tear through new Pattern-Seeking Animals track

Pattern-Seeking Animals
(Image credit: InsideOut Music)

Pattern-Seeking Animals have shared a video showing vocalist and guitarist Ted Leonard playing through their recent single No One Ever Died And Made Me King.

The Spock’s Beard spin-off band released the studio version earlier this month, with the track taken from their self-titled debut album which will be released on July 5 through InsideOut Music.

Leonard is joined in Pattern-Seeking Animals by his Spock’s Beard bandmate Dave Meros and their former drummer Jimmy Keegan, along with their long-time contributing songwriter/producer John Boegehold.

Speaking about the track, Boegehold said: “Dave and I wrote this a while back from the viewpoint of a guy feeling sorry for his lot in life. I love the bass tone he came up with and Ted's guitar tone is classic 70s. Is voodoo-swamp prog a genre?”

The project was originally intended as a vehicle for tracks Boegehold had been working on since 2018, but he enlisted the help of Leonard, Keegan and Meros to complete the record.

Boegehold explained: “My goal was to produce music that’s progressive and intricate while keeping things immediate and melodic. Whether a song is four minutes or 10-minutes long, I didn’t want more than a few bars go by without some kind of instrumental or vocal hook.”

The album is now available to pre-order. Find further details below.

Pattern-Seeking Animals release their debut single No Burden Left To Carry in May this year.

Pattern-Seeking Animals: Pattern-Seeking Animals
1. No Burden Left to Carry
2. The Same Mistakes Again
3. Orphans Of The Universe
4. No One Ever Died And Made Me King
5. Fall Away
6. These Are My Things
7. We Write The Ghost Stories
8. No Land’s Man
9. Stars Along the Way

Pattern-Seeking Animals
Pattern-Seeking Animals feature Spock’s Beard members Ted Leonard and Dave Meros, their former drummer Jimmy Keegan, and long-time contributor John BoegeholdView Deal