Watch Nickelback react hilariously to iconic Nickelback memes

Nickelback laughing to Nickelback memes
(Image credit: REACT)

Over the years, Nickelback, the band that everyone loves to hate, have had a fair share of memes made in their honour. 

In a new interview, frontman Chad Kroeger and co. check out a few of the very best, as part of React's ongoing, award-winning series which sees fans, musicians and select groups of individuals react to various bands, songs and internet trends.

Their latest episode, Nickelback Reacts to Nickelback Fans React To Nickelback, is pretty self-explanatory - fans listen to Nickelback songs, while Nickelback watch their reactions secretly from another room, before letting the listeners know they were actually watching them the entire time, making for a pretty amusing - and wholesome - watch.

During the exercise, the viewers are presented with a selection of hilarious Nickleback memes, and both parties, including the band themselves, can barely keep themselves composed.

The first meme fans are shown is the infamous clip that was conceived following the release of Nickelback's 2005 country-rock ballad Photograph, lifted from their album For All The Right Reasons (you know, the one with the graph).

"We have literally introduced the song as that," says Chad in response.

As fans offer their own reactions to the meme, Nickelback laugh hysterically behind the scenes, before the participants are shown another set of popular Nickelback memes which feature Kroeger's iconic wavy blonde hair replaced by ramen noodles. "My god, they turned him into Justin Timberlake," says one fan. "They did him so dirty!" laughs another.

Watch the full video or the meme segment at 7:03 below. 

Last month, the Canadian hard rockers teased the arrival of a seriously heavy new song via a short audio snippet. In response, the Twitter world exploded with thousands of users analysing, celebrating and memeifying Nickelback's new direction, with many flabbergasted by the fact that the band seem to be going metalcore. 

Check out a newly updated preview of the song below:

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